Glen Milne

Glen Milne

Glen provides strategic facilitation, innovation, training and advice for policy development, foresight studies, strategic planning, organizational change, governance, & consultations.

He helps his clients with the capabilities to listen and probe carefully, encourage creative contributions, conceptualize complex situations and solutions, and develop engaging graphics that organize and communicate ideas, information, interests, markets, issues, underlying structure, strategic options, etc.

He is the author and publisher of the continuously up-dated best-selling publication Making Policy: A Guide to the Federal Government's Policy Process and learning materials on ‘How Parliament Works’ and ‘How Government Works’.

His work contributions include all parts of the federal government, including the Priorities & Planning Secretariat of PCO and Prime Minister Trudeau, other central agencies, departmental executive committees, programs, and regional offices. That work has been balanced with clients in telecommunications, broadcasting, information technology, banking, national business associations, and academic, voluntary, community, military and aboriginal organizations.

He has been the principal consultant for Canadian foresight projects in the areas of: demography & immigration, energy technologies, photonics, bio/nano/info technologies, animal health, and regulation of health technologies.

He frequently partners on projects with his wife Janet, a former Assistant Deputy Minister in the federal government, through their company Cognitus Associates. Their network of experts and former clients across Canada, USA, UK and Scandinavia bring state-of-the-art benchmarks and expert advice for all their projects.

Glen received his undergraduate degree in architecture with highest honours from the University of Toronto in 1960, graduate degree in architecture and planning from the University of Pennsylvania and the studio of Louis Kahn in 1964, and advanced certificate in facilitation from Synectics, Boston, in 1975.

He practiced as an architect, planner and teacher in Canada, England, Finland and USA, from 1960 until 1968 when he was a co-founder of the School of Architecture at Carleton University, and taught courses in architecture, sociology, and public administration in a half-time position from 1970 to 1995.

He is currently an adjunct professor with the School of Public Administration at the University of Victoria where he is co-writing an illustrated guide outlining all forms of government that pertain in and to BC, and providing learning materials and workshops on policy design and modelling, and how government works. Glen is also an adjunct professor at the Ontario College of Art & Design University helping develop the MDs program in Strategic Foresight & Innovation.

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